Social responsibility

There's one right way to make products: respecting the people who make them.



We believe that progress stems from the distribution of knowledge.

We collaborate with schools and other academic institutions. We regularly invite classes of students to visit our production sites to raise awareness of our industry. We created a laboratory and an R&D unit to develop knowledge and a dedicated area devoted to teaching to spread this knowledge.

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Fashion brands need to be sure each product has been produced in the respect of human rights. We are first a human-centered organization: we believe that a safe work environment is not only great for people, it also enhance efficiency and the quality of our products.

We work for major international customers and we regularly have visits of their compliance department. We do this both to guarantee the transparency of our processes and to collaborate in order to achieve continuous improvement. We want to be a partner of all those brands which believe social and environmental sustainability are fundamental values.


Supply chain control

We want the final customer to know exactly the origin of the product she buys. For this reason our supply chain is controlled starting from raw materials. We are transparent in the way we work and also in the origin of our materials.