It's our planet. And it deserves our best thinking.

We think of environmental issues in the same way we think of our products: innovatively.

Each A.M.F accessory enriches a product. We want it to enrich also our planet.


Respecting natural resources

Automatizing production processes

Using safe chemicals

Realising longer lasting products

Being transparent



We respect natural resources

We cannot produce natural resources, but we can invent ways to use them better. This is why we optimize our consumption of energy, raw materials, air and water.

We favor clean energy and invest in the efficiency of our machinery and buildings. Our LED lights save electricity. The superior insulation of our buildings saves natural gas in the winter and electricity in the summer. And every year we take steps towards further energy savings. We start by reducing the waste produced in our industrial processes, and when this is not possible we recycle our waste through certified partners.

We minimize air emissions using absolute filters and scrubbers which exceed the most strict regulations.

We invested in a water treatment plant which through the recycling of all waste water allows to eliminate environmental risks and to reduce water consuption by over 95% with respect to an industry standard plant !


We automate processes

There are things which robots will never be able to do. For everything else there are robots.

We want the work of our people to be done in the highest value adding activities. We believe that the best individual protection for our employees is distance. In this sense, the automatic process is the safest.

With this in mind we created a completely automated plating factory, where people are kept at a distance from potentially harmful chemicals. Our warehouse is automatic in order to increase efficiency and reduce accidents. Furthermore, thanks to remote controlled machines, our workshop works 24/7, without human interventions, without risks.

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We use safe chemicals

We have two good reasons to avoid harmful chemicals: the planet and its people.

We test everything. We detect chemicals that are to be eliminated, we find alternatives to avoid them. And then we re-test everything.

We have an internal list of target chemicals which we update regularly according to latest research, technologies and international regulations. This list has two values for each chemical: the actual value used in the industry and the goal value. This powerful instrument has for many brands become a key source of information to be updated on sustainability.

We do R&D projects by ourselves, as well as with suppliers and research organizations to reach the goals summed up on our list. When we realize them, we look for harder goals.

A.M.F Lab is the only lab in Italy, soon to be certified ISO17025 , whose goal is not to make analysis. Our goal is to support brands in the path towards sustainable fashion. To reach this ambitious target, fashion cannot forget aesthetics. This is when our R&D unit steps in, respecting the environment while creating beautiful articles.


We make long lasting products

If a product lasts longer, less resources will be used to make a new one

Each day we work to produce higher quality articles that withstand the force of time and wear. We created a laboratory to simulate the conditions our products will endure in their life cycle. We make internationally recognized tests for mechanical strenght, wear, dry and domestic cleaning, heat and humidity, salt water resistance, China test (corrosive gas resistance) and many others. This because we believe that selling few products, but of excellent quality, should be one of the key values of a sustainable company.


We are transparent

We want to be your eyes to evaluate our contribution to our planet. This is why our production processes are transparent.

A.M.F is certified ISO9001 since 2004, and we are working on an environmental certification. We regularly invite clients and environmental organizations to visit our production sites. Our new galvanic plant has glass walls, in order to allow anybody to look inside and evaluate our efforts.

Respecting the environment would be clueless without respecting its people

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