Surface treatments

Art and chemistry

Our surface treatments were developed to comply with our fundamental values of quality, creativity, service and sustainability.

All processes are controlled in order to achieve a constant quality: visual control, wear resistance tests, coating thickness measurement through x-rays and color check through spectrophotometry are among standard controls. In addition, depending on our customer requirements, we test our products against heat and humidity with leather, salt water, China test and many others.

Thanks to the many standard and precious galvanic finishes; rack and barrel application, glossy, matt or vintage effect and up to the most modern PVD and varnished coatings, we can offer one of the widest range of surface treatments in the industry. 

In our lab and surface treatments R&D unit we can quickly develop new personalized finishings with the assurance that they will guarantee the same physical and chemical performances as the standard finishings.

We develop our products in order to favor ecological processes and materials: we recycle cleansing water and eliminate risks for people automatizing processes. We do this because we want A.M.F finishings to be a sustainable choice.



In order to obtain a perfect finish the pre-treatment is fundamental. We are equipped to create all finishing effects, from vintage to mirror-grade polishing. This is feasible through barrel and hand polishing, as well as through ageing processes that can provide the customer with exactly the desired result.



Art and chemistry blend together in electroplating

We are equipped with a state of the electroplating plant in terms of automation and sustainability.

We have removed risks for people automatizing the galvanic process in all phases. We handle accessories measuring production times in terms of seconds. We can automatically control the coating thickness of all items in the lotand last but not least, we recycle all waste water to eliminate environmental risks. This in order to guarantee an excellent product through a sustainable process.

Beside the guarantee of a quality and sustainable product, our customers have the possibility to choose from one of le widest selection of finishings in the industry. It ranges from standard finishes such as copper, bronze and brass plating to precious ones such as gold, palladium and ruthenium plating. Our galvanic treatments are produced with applications both in rack plating and in barrel plating of different sizes. Furthermore, we are experts in developing special and exclusive finishings through vintage effects or particular colors. In many cases, the surface finish of accessories can be the signature of a brand.



For special applications or particular metallic colors, PVD (Physical vapor deposition) can be the ideal solution. We use both the cathodic arc and the magnetron sputtering technologies in order to ensure maximum flexibility in the choice of materials.

Cathodic arc PVD is best suited to for stainless steel articles, but is applicable also to materials such as Zamak and brass. It allows to obtain exceptional hardness and wear resistance. For these reasons it is usually applied in highly stressed components such as base studs and snap hooks for handbags.

Magnetron sputtering PVD is instead suited to all materials, also those which cannot be electroplated. For instance, it can be used to give a metallic look to natural materials or to plastics that cannot be plated such as Nylon in order to achieve a metallic look while preserving the lightness of plastic.

In addition, both PVD technologies furtherly expand the range of our standard colors with unique metal finishes such as the mixcolor/ rainbow effect, the metallic blue and the darkest blacks.



With varnish all color nuances are possible

We realize products with glossy, matt, semi-matt or soft touch effect in any color or simply for protective reasons. Our products can be treated by spray varnish or by cataphoretic varnish. Spray painting is always the dafault choice, while cataphoresis is used for protective reasons on those articles such as chains and some snap-hooks which have hidden parts which cannot be reached by spray paint.

Thanks to our experience developed over years of working with high fashion brands, we developed processes which guarantee hardness, wear resistance as well as compliance with the strictest international regulations.

We work in order to produce only sustainable surface finishings.

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