Technology and craftmanship



Zamak is an alloy consisting of mainly zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper which is particularly suited for the die casting of articles characterized by complex shapes and small tolerances.

This material is used to produce a huge range of different products, from small technical components to remarkable leather goods closures. Though historically regarded as lacking the perfect surface finishing, recent innovation in die casting and finishing techniques made this material one of the privileged choice also for the production of the highest quality products.




Brass is the heritage material in the world of fashion accessories and is still commonly used. As stainless steel and aluminium, it is worked through both cold and hot techniques, and the combination of the two.

Among cold techniques we use mainly cutting/ bending of metal sheet and wire as well as turn/ mill CNC machining. The former is suitable for high volume production of articles such as snap buttons, jeans buttons and various types of hooks and closures. The latter is instead divided in two main categories : turning and milling. Turning is suited for producing mostly round shapes in any volume. Milling instead is highly flexible but less productive and is thus applied in small lot production or in precious articles for leather goods or jewellery.

Among hot machining techniques we use mainly lost wax casting and forging. Lost wax casting is mainly used for small lot productions with very creative geometrical shapes. Forging is instead particularly well suited for producing classic shaped products such as buckles and leather goods trimmings in medium to high numbers.

All our products are available with a lead content inferior to 90 mg/ KG.


Stainless steel

We realize stainless steel accessories in case of particular needs in terms of mechanical hardness, exceptional corrosion resistance or special finishings which can be obtained only through PVD coating.

Our steel products can be machined with the same techniques as brass and as well as with MIM (Metal Injection Moulding). Stainless steel is the hardest material to work, but also the most noble one. We use mainly AISI 316 L steel in order to guarantee good mechanical properties together with a great corrosion resistance. 

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Leather and eco-leather

We work both leather developed by our R&D team and also on leathers supplied by our customers.

Our catalog consists of a wide range of leathers and eco-leathers with certified chemical and physical properties that conform to the most stringent industry regulations. Our internal finishing department and the experience of our tanning experts allow us to develop custom leathers on specific requests of our customers. 

Furthermore, in case our leather details need to get assembled together with other leather components, we can work with leathers or semi finished leather goods supplied by our customers.


Thermoplastic materials

Many different polymers can be used to produce fashion accessories. Starting from the classic injection mouldable materials such as Nylon, ABS and methacrylate to the PVC used to produce flexible rubber components.

These plastics have different mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. ABS is preferred for aestetical applications thanks to the possibility to electro-plate it. Methacrylate, often called synthetic cristal or plexi, is used when the goal is to achieve transparencies symilar to gems and glass.

In addition, thanks to our R&D department and our laboratory, we are always working to work with cleaner polymers.


Natural and decorative materials

The stylists' creativity should be free of technical limits, this is why flexibility is one of our most important values.

Over the years we have specialized in assembling metal with various decorative materials, not only for jewellery articles but also to turn common accessories into works of art. We are able to realize industrial articles with the requested adornement, ranging from classic Svarovski strass to natural materials such as wood, horn and mother-of-pearl.

Each material can be treated to achieve the desired surface finish !

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