The finest garment, shoes and leather goods trims

One of the widest range of accessories in the industry

In our catalog you can find almost any type of trims for garment, shoes and leather goods, starting from the small jeans rivet to the precious handbag lock.

Studs and rivets

We produce all varieties of studs and rivets by turning, cold forming, die casting or injection moulding.

From handbag screw studs to light jeans rivets plus a huge variety of ornamental studs: these small accessories can be functional components or can be turned into a real work of art. 

Studs and rivets can be applied with nails, rivets, prongs, staple or thermo-adhesives, and can be decorated with stones, strass and more. We handle both the production and the development of techniques to speed up the application and production phase.


Our production includes a wide range of eyelets: beside the standard eyelet we produce the double-face, varnished, leather covered, screwed and pressure eyelets in various shapes and colors. These accessories are used for shoes and leather goods and as garments on a huge range of fabrics and leathers.

We have developed patented solutions for the application of these articles in order to ensure that they do not break during the application, thus enabling the use of finishings that turn technical articles into high fashion details.

Jeans Buttons

Jeans buttons were the first articles that A.M.F produced when it was founded and until today they are still among the most requested articles.

We make all varieties of jeans buttons in Zamak, cold formed brass or steel, they are twistable and ultra-flat, applicable with one or two prong nails, with exposed or hidden underparts.

These fundamental components range from the simple ones to small masterpieces that transform denimwear into a luxury garment with an almost sartorial feel.

Snap buttons

Simple and functional or precious and decorative.

We offer snap buttons suitable for any need, from sport outerwear to high fashion garments.

Our catalogue features the classic Alfa, Kappa, S/Prong and magnetic snaps in a variety of measures. Furthermore, we produce special snaps such as eyelet snaps, capped snaps and custom snaps for leather goods.


Sewing buttons

Suitable for knitwear, shirts and formalwear, we produce a huge range of 4-holes and shank buttons ready to be sewed.

Produced in metal, polyester, horn or other natural materials, these buttons are an essential classic.

The quality and the finishing of these components gives the garment the essential added value to a luxury garment.



Sewing snap buttons

The main international brands choose our renewed sewing snap buttons for their most beautiful garments.

With a patented design, they are often copied but never equalled. Our sewing snap buttons are available in all galvanics and varnishes and can be decorated with enamel or leather details.

Furthermore, they are readily customizable with a logo or shape required by our customers.


Labels and patches

Ranging from the simple jeans label to complex articles mixing different materials. We can produce labels and patches with all types of leather, eco-leather, PVC, metal and much more.

Our labels can be personalized with various techniques including hot print, laser, silk print and high frequency welding. Particular effects such as edge inking and vintage finishings can make your product unique and precious.

Most importantly, our labels are increasingly popular thanks to their superior chemical and physical performances.


Plaques and Lettering

To renovate the classic customized plaques to be sewed or riveted in which to engrave your logo, we invented the Lettering.

Provided in several patented solutions, the lettering is probably our most famous product. It consists of several separated characters kept in place by a hidden patented flexible underplaque, which, first of all, can be assembled in one shot through a special die set.

We are the leaders in this peculiar field category thanks to a flexible article which matches the best quality with an efficent application.


Cord-stoppers and cord-ends

Cord-stoppers and cord-ends have been for years among our top seller products.

Thanks to their design and perfect quality, they are chosen from many international brands for garments and leather goods.

Our catalogue includes hundreds of different articles made of Zamak, brass, Nylon, ultra-light ABS. We can advise you on the most suitable product for all final products, ranging from sporting goods, to fashion outerwear and even leather goods.



Zip pullers

We produce zip pullers with our usual flexibility : in metal, plastics, leather, rubber and more.

The most visible component of a garment or leather good zipper is also the most sensitive. Whatever brand of zippers you choose, we can help you in determining the best shape, material and finishing to ultimately create a unique garment or handbag which can withstand the force of time and wear.


Rings and adjusters

Rings, adjusters and trimmers for knitwear, outerwear, as well as leather goods and any other application. We have one of the largest selection of these articles.

In this simple components the quality of details such as surface treatments and the absence of mould marks can make all the difference.



Most of our buckles are made of solid brass, Zamak or stainless steel. They range from the classic shapes to the more creative ones, based on our customers' input.

They are produced using die-casting, forging or milling. In addition to classic buckles, we offer a variety of exclusive models such as reversible mechanism or leather and enamel components.


Metal and leather accessories

We are among the few companies which are able to produce internally both metal and leather components. Thanks to this experience we can provide accessories such as frog fasteners, buttons, buckles, etc.  in metal covered by leather, or with leather details.

In this particular range of products we guarantee not only a flawless execution, but also superior chemical-physical performances such as great resistance to wear and the respect of the most strict technical requirements.


Hooks and other fasteners

In our collection we have a huge variety of hooks and other fasteners, including trousers hooks, skirt hooks, clip hooks, tie clips and many others.

These include products mostly made of brass wire, brass sheet or die casted Zamak.

Handbag locks and padlocks

The lock is the most visible and important component of a quality handbag. Beside the classic magnetic, lever or turning locks, we have developed several exclusive mechanisms that enable to create locks suitable for the most prestigious handbags.

Furthermore, we can use standard mechanisms or our patented systems to create personalized locks that contribute to make an handbag unique.


Snap hooks and chains

We produce snap hooks with innovative design which do not fear time, wear and corrosion. Furthermore, we can supply a wide range of chains born from the heritage of the jewellery industry of the province of Vicenza.

These components can be used in a variety of contexts, from handbag shoulder straps to garment hangers or decorations.


Bijoux and jewellery

Our experience in accessory-making can also be readily applied in the field of bijoux and jewellery. In this type of articles we combine several different material with a basis of metal which is usually produced through lost-wax casting.

Details in leather, enamel, synthetic gems and strass are just some of the solutions which we can use to decorate cufflings, bracelets, pendants, rings and other jewellery articles.


Key chains and small leather goods

Our creative team together with our experience in the manufacturing of leather details enable A.M.F to produce from the single component to the complete small leather good final product.

Luxury leathers, perfect edge inking and our precious metal components can create key-chains, leather cases, wallets and other small accessories of the highest quality.

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