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Rapid prototyping and small-lot production

We are specialized in developing new articles and structured to keep pace with the short lead times needed by high fashion brands.

Thanks to properly equipped milling and turning machines, as well as a 3d printing workshop, we can provide metal prototypes as soon as 2 days from the drawing approval. Furthermore, we offer the small-lot production service, useful when 50-100 pieces are needed for collections/ runways without bearing the costs and timing for the creation of new moulds.


Application service

Thanks to a dedicated team, we can offer a quick and efficient third party application and stapling service

Each day the application team assembles studs, staples, rivets, lettering and more on a variety of fabrics and leathers provided by our customers. This service is particularly suited in case of complex applications, for precious materials or emergencies linked to runways and collection presentations. We can offer a complete service including laser cut/ puncture/ dig, die cutting, leather splitting, application and simultaneous multi application of any article.


On site technical support

The technical support to our customers has always been A.M.F's strenght

Coordinating a global supply chain and introducing every season new articles can become a complex task. That's why we develop application techniques that simplify manufacturing : we sell or rent our manual/automatic machines, we provide assistance in the start-up phase of production and offer the possibility to request on site technical support in case of problems during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, thanks to our team in Hong Kong, the technical support service is rapidly guaranteed in local language also across South-East Asia.


Chemical and physical tests

Often the schedules and requests from the fashion industry are incompatible with lead times of generalist laboratories. In addition, the nature of the product frequently require specific knowledge of the industry that are missing in generalist laboratories.

A.M.F Lab has been created to solve both these problems.

We are able to perform internally almost all the chemical tests required by regulations on metal and leather accessories. Among these tests are the Nickel Release, total metal content, extractable metal content, PH, Formaldeyde, and many others. Furthermore, we can test our products and those provided by our customers through physical tests such as Heat and Humidity, Heat & Humidity with leather, China Test, Wet and Dry Cleaning, resistance to wear, etc..

Our customers can benefit from the services of A.M.F lab both for A.M.F produced articles and for third party articles or raw materials. Our clients can also benefit from precious consultancy on the latest regulations and tests from our trained technicians.


Global logistics

Main international brands are global companies with complex supply chains. We strongly believe in a globally integrated supply chain and we are structured to serve it.

Many customers use A.M.F logistic services outsourcing the management of their accessories warehouse. In this way the various production sites all over the world purchase directly from A.M.F without the need of a central warehouse. In addition, thanks to the hub of A.M.F Hong Kong, the logistic service is guaranteed with reduced shipping costs and in local language also across South-East Asia.

Furthermore, key customers which require fast re-stocking of materials, no minimum order quantities required, and a competitive price can ask for the Block Order service. This service involves the commitment to purchase a certain quantity of an article during the year in exchange of immediate re-stocking at the best commercial terms.  


Reserved B2B area

The reserved area on our website gives constant access to the exclusive world of A.M.F products.

In our B2B area it is possible to visualize all A.M.F articles, check levels of inventory, make orders and monitor order status. Furthermore, this is the place to find confidential technical informations, as well as color cards and the properties of each finishing.

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