Choice and innovation.


The creativity of our designers manifests itself in the personalized developments for our clients, but most of all in our 4 collections. We renew them twice a year and present them at the industry fairs in February and September


Red - Innovation ready to buy

The Red collection is completely renewed twice a year. It provides stylists and buyers with a complete range of accessories that are coherent with the trends of the upcoming seasons. All accessories included in the Red collection are ready to be purchased or personalized with your logo without any mould cost.


White - Pure creativity

The White collection is completely renewed twice a year. It includes our designers' most innovative ideas. Produced in a small-lot format, it is thought to be a source of inspiration for new developments. Innovative mechanisms, materials and treatments become reality in the white collection to stimulate the creativity of our customers' stylists.


Grey - All the accessories you are looking for

The Grey collection is available on our printed catalogue or on our B2B portal. It includes over 3.000 articles developed by A.M.F over the years, ready to be bought or personalized, without any mould cost. This collection over the years became a reference point in the industry.


Gold - An archive of jewels

The Gold is the ultimate addition to our collections. It is updated twice a year and it includes the most innovative ideas created in the past White collections. It features a huge range of materials and particular finishings. You are welcome to discover it in person at our atelier in Bassano del Grappa.