AMF MIM - Steel in Italy ®

22/10/2018 - 31/12/2018




Steel in Italy ® 






Design for results 

The best way to choose an option is to master all its alternatives. AMF great experience
in the production of metal accessories with all the major production technologies guarantees an accurate application of MIM when - with matter of fact - it fits with your need.

The end from where we start is the result you want to see.

Time to market

Fashion accessories and not rocket science – sure. But compared to other tech industries, fashion
has a few exceptional and not obvious
challenges to face: research of beauty and everlasting swing. Our athletic technicians

are able to develop & deliver a new article within 3 weeks.

Yes, we challenged them and they won. Now it’s your turn. 


Feasibility beyond expectations

The mold is the masterpiece of metal working. The quality of the die commands the production of a low quality product versus a luxury piece. But make a step backward: without mastering the right skills of tricky molds’ construction, MIM might be a perfect storm; by mastering it, it is the most effective way to realize a stainless accessory in one single shot.

Just three things matter: experience, experience & experience.


Fashion-ability rhymes with affordability

Do you know why a mold for MIM is usually so expensive? Because make and re-make cost time and efforts. We prefer to do it right at the first time and offer it to you affordable.

Our MIM division teamed up with AMF mold costruction department, made of 45 technicians with no rivals. At least for now ;-)

AMF MIM: Mold Immediately Made. 



R&D first, always

“Hey, is anybody out there able to bring some newness in Titanium powders for MIM?”
This was the question to which the founders of the MIM division replied in 2005, when the start up was launched and financed. The results have been published by EPMA while the R&D approach has remained shielded in the way of thinking. 316L, 17-4 PH but also many other Fe-Ca options are studied and developed accordingly to the need.

Knowing materials permits to drive their properties. Because, remember,

all stainless steels are not equal.


Once the right recipe has been defined, we ensure consistency. In particular two kind of it: in quality and in our commitment in sustainability.
How? We do not use “homemade” raw materials but only powders and feedstocks realized by companies with the highest standars of control and security measures.

Coherence matters. 


Dimensions count

In addition to AMF metal production site,

where CNC, die casting and forging occupy more that 13.000 sqm, the new facility consists in 1.800 sqm, fully dedicated to the MIM technology: 4 presses and the related ovens for de-binding and sintering work efficiently and the space for a new line has already been studied.

Lean & TOC docet.

...ideas even more

MIM is a tricky technology, especially if looking for aesthetic perfection. It may have many “hitches and glitches” if compared to other metalworking technologies: just think of porous surfaces, “bended” articles or black spots.

Our technicians’ job is to make you forget all that.
Sit back and relax. 





It’s easy to think that choosing to produce
an article in stainless steel means it will remain perfect forever and in any condition. But hit
a Google search for “stainless steel corrosion” and you immediately discover a new world.
AMF LAB ensures that the product supplied actually meets your expectation.

Testing is the way to drive its performance.


Did you know also MIM products can be riveted? Our application team with more than 20 years experience in the fashion industry can help you have a smart supply chain, producing smarter solutions. You will never be left with a idle production: our worldwide after sales team cares your products hit the shops on time. 

We stay with you. Till the end. 




Fashion and colors are closely interconnected, just as Stainless Steel and PVD.

Providing superior wear resistance

and an interesting color palette, PVD coating is the natural choice for most MIM articles.
AMF has experience in running PVD machines since 2012 and can provide all major PVD finishes, from classic titanium layers to deep black or real gold PVD plating.

...stay tuned: new special surface treatments will be ready for 2020. 

AMF group & MIMEST
teamed up for Steel in Italy ®
... truly still in Italy. 


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