AMF inaugurates the sustainable galvanic plant



More than 1 000 meters square for the new galvanic plant. A fair part of this space used for water recycling and air purification.

A new lab for chemichal and physical analysis and AMF Academy, a 42-seats auditorium designed for sharing knolwledge and new projects for a sustainable fashion.


Discover what is special about Bluecoating.

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We purify the air.

Galvanizing in Bluecoating means giving back to the nature a breath. Thanks to an innovative system, the air going out of our pipes is cleaner than the air coming in. 

And what about the water used in this process ? It's purified and reused thanks to our closed circuit installation. 

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We recycle more than 95% of our water.

Water is crucial in the the galvanic process. Recycling it is our duty. 

A plant of this size needs 150 000 liters of cleansing water per month, which equals to 40 000 glasses of potable water every day. So why not to preserve this precious element? In Bluecoating we reuse more than 95% of it, thanks to a complete puryfication system.

Thanks to a closed recycling circuit, AMF annihilates the environmental risks related to the transport of dangerous substances or to the discharge on surface watercourses.

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We separate man from the process. 

Thanks to the automatization, man is totally separated from the processes. The distance being the ultimate security measure.

Robots take care of our accessories in all the production phases from the degreasing and washing steps to the surface treatments and the drying.

Conceived to work on 3 shifts, whether with rack or barrel application, for incredibly small or big volumes of 12kg, Bluecoating is the flexible galvanic system. 

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We take on new challenges.

Fashion can't stop surprising. 

The Bluecoating Lab was conceived to take on new challenges such as studying finishings that are more performing and resistant to climatic and mechanical aggressions as well as studying new colors like the pure black or eco heritage finishings. 

The galvanic baths are constantly controlled to ensure that temperatures, current density, timing and substances concentration are perfectly calibrated in order to guarantee uniformity and perfect results.

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We share our discoveries.

In order to have a sustainable fashion, science and design have to blend together to give birth to new solutions.

News on the industry, technical insights, creative ideas and concepts. The scope of AMF Academy is to share the know-how with fashion houses, with the  associations in the industry and with schools and universities. 

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We are transparent.

Ask for transparency. Believe only in what you see.  

We think that there shouldn’t be any secrets. This is why Bluecoating is the transparent galvanic, visible to everyone thanks to the numerous windows surrounding the installations.

To build a sustainable fashion, we need to take into account all the impact of the whole production chain. This is why we have started the certification ISO 14001 and we are drawing up AMF sustainabilty report.

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