A.M.F and SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES explore new gemstone materials for accessories


“We are proud to collaborate with Swarovski, a company with a long and treasured philosophy of inspirational and innovative excellence, a model for any company involved in a b2b business”  said Carmen Toffanello, CEO of AMF.

Bejeweled accessories have long been a staple in the fast-paced fashion industry, but a slower movement has brought changes towards everlasting preciousness.  Genuine gemstones and zirconia are gaining momentum and growing outside their traditional Jewelry domain. For this reason, A.M.F and Swarovski Gemstones have teamed up to introduce Swarovski Zirconia to the world of fashion. The AMF Gemstone Collection merges innovative technology and craftsmanship, creating unique and technically innovative solutions to inspire designers. The combination of A.M.F.’s technological knowhow, such as modern 3d printing and casting in place, combined with Swarovski’s exceptional cutting expertise and the sheer brilliance of Swarovski Zirconia, lend not only sparkle to this collection, but together a quality assurance that guarantees the virtual elimination of the risk that stones fall out.

“A.M.F is an ideal partner for Swarovski to extend our long tradition of material and application innovation in new areas.  Together, our introduction of Zirconia into the fashion industry further leverages and underlines the flexibility, agility and creativity of both companies.  It is a perfect fit and the reason why we have agreed to jointly explore this path.  Since my first visit in Bassano, I have been impressed by the customer-oriented and flexible nature of A.M.F and their unique project management abilities: a true inspiration”.  Daniel J. Cohen – Swarovski Executive Board Member

“From the start of this collaboration we have been working together on important customer projects. I believe A.M.F is one of the best partners for creating high end customized metal trimming solutions set with Swarovski Zirconia”.  William David Gust - VPO Swarovski Gemstones

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